How can I change my screen's resolution or rotation?

You can switch your screen to a vertical orientation in three easy steps:

1. Log into the Raydiant Dashboard, then click on the Screen Settings gear icon. Here, you can choose the correct Screen Resolution and Screen Orientation from the dropdown.Screen_Shot_2020-11-24_at_12.26.06.png

3. Click Publish. This sends out the updated screen rotation or resolution information to your screen. Tada—your screen is now ready to show off your beautiful content!


Best Practices

  • Keep in mind that if your screen is showing a horizontal video or picture after being rotated to a vertical layout, that content will be scaled to fit on your screen, leaving large black bars above and below it. Make sure you have vertical content ready!
  • The best resolution for pictures and videos on most horizontal screens is 1920x1080—so the best resolution for content on a vertical screen is 1080x1920. (That means 1080 horizontal pixels by 1920 vertical pixels.)
  • If you're using an older 720p screen, set the resolution to 720p for best results. For 1080p or 4K screens, leave the resolution on the default 1080p setting.
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