How do I put a news feed on my screen?

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. From your Library, click + to create a new presentation, then click “Add News Feed”. Enter a descriptive name so you can easily find your news feed in your Library later.


2. Select the feed you want to display from the list. If you're using a custom news feed, choose "Custom RSS feed", then paste in the URL for the RSS feed you want to use. (For help finding a custom RSS feed, see the Best Practices section below.)

3. Choose the theme and duration for your news feed. News offers several different themes. Each theme offers a different look and feel, so you can pick the theme that works best for your news feed. You can also choose whether you want the screen to show a single news item, or a rotating list of recent news items, and you can choose how long you want each item to appear for. Then click the "Save" button.


4. Make sure your new news feed is selected, then click “Add To Playlist”.


5. Review your playlist, then click "Done". This is your chance to change the order of your default content or set the schedule you want your scheduled content to follow.


6. From the Screens view, click "Publish" to send your updated playlist to your screens.


Best Practices

  • To find the news feed for a website, look for a link that says something like "RSS" or "Feeds". You can also look for the RSS logo, an orange square with rounded corners and a broadcast symbol:


  • News needs a URL that links directly to an RSS feed, so "" won't work, but "" will. (Most RSS feed URLs end in .rss or .xml, but some end with other extensions or no extension at all.)
  • Not all news sites or blogs provide RSS feeds. If you can't find an RSS feed for a specific website, please contact the publisher of that website for assistance.
  • Services like FetchRSS or can create RSS feeds from social media streams and other websites that don't provide RSS feeds by default.
  • News will show images if they're included with the RSS feed. Some websites add images to their RSS feed in non-standard ways, so if you think a feed should show images but it doesn't, email us at
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