How do I set up Raydiant for the first time?

Before Your ScreenRay Arrives

Raydiant can be easily configured with most WiFi networks. If your network blocks certain ports or domains, you or your IT department will need to follow some additional steps to ensure your ScreenRay works on your network.  To make sure you can get Raydiant up and running right away, we recommend talking to your IT department about Raydiant before your ScreenRay arrives.

You'll also want to make sure you have the following available before you start setting up Raydiant:

  • A screen with an open HDMI port
  • An open power outlet
  • A WiFi-capable computer (like a smartphone, tablet, or laptop)
  • The password for your WiFi network
  • If you plan to connect your ScreenRay to the internet via Ethernet rather than WiFi, a supported USB-to-Ethernet adapter


Setting Up Raydiant

1. Plug your ScreenRay into an open HDMI port on your screen. If your ScreenRay will connect to your network via ethernet, plug your USB-to-ethernet adapter into your ScreenRay, then plug your ethernet cable into the adapter.

2. Plug your ScreenRay into a power outlet. The blue power indicator light on your ScreenRay will turn on.

3. Select the right HDMI input on your screen. Your ScreenRay will display the rest of the setup process on your screen. If your ScreenRay is connected via ethernet, it will connect to the internet automatically and you can skip to step 8. If your ScreenRay will connect to the Internet via WiFi, there are a few additional steps.

4. Using your WiFi-capable computer, connect to the ScreenRay WiFi network shown on your screen. The ScreenRay WiFi network will have a name like RAYDIANT-SETUP-CD:34:


5. On your computer, a browser window may appear asking you to select your WiFi. If it doesn't, go to (Make sure to connect to the ScreenRay WiFi network in step 4 before you do this.)

6. Select your WiFi network from the dropdown list and enter the WiFi password. Once your ScreenRay connects to the internet, it will show a 2-word activation code like SILENT-PLASMA or SPICY-QUASAR on your screen:


7. Go to and log in with your Raydiant Dashboard username and password. (Your computer will automatically reconnect to the normal WiFi when your ScreenRay connects to the internet.) Please note, that if your company is using Single Sign-On (SSO), you will be logged in after entering your email address.

8. Enter the 2-word activation code shown on your ScreenRay-connected screen. By entering this 2-word activation code, you associate your ScreenRay with your Raydiant account. You can also set a name for your screen here. Once your ScreenRay is activated, you'll see your new screen appear in the Dashboard!

9. Your ScreenRay may download updates. This may take several minutes and will show a screen like this:


10. Your ScreenRay is set up. Now you can start adding content:



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Help! I selected my WiFi network and entered the password, but my ScreenRay is just sitting on the "Connect to the WiFi network RAYDIANT-SETUP-CD:34" screen. This means your ScreenRay wasn't able to connect to the WiFi network you selected using the password you entered. Try going through steps 4-6 again, being careful to get the WiFi password exactly right.
  • Does it matter if the activation code is capitalized? Nope! We automatically capitalize the activation code for you. Just make sure you enter the whole code, including the dash.
  • Can I change the name of my screen? Absolutely—just click the gear icon next to the screen to bring up its Screen Settings. We recommend a name that makes it easy to find the screen you want later. If you plan to have multiple screens at different locations, for example, you might name a screen "Market Street Menu (Left)" or "Moonbase Airlock Advertising Screen", depending on how you plan to use it.
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