How do I put flyers on my screens?

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. From your Library, click + to create a new presentation, then click “Create Flyer”. Enter a descriptive name so you can easily find your flyer in your Library later, then click “Image” and choose the picture you want to use for your flyer.


2. Add some text. Heading Text is a great place to put a punchy headline to draw attention. Body Text will appear smaller, making it a great way to share additional details.


3. Choose the layout for your Flyer. The layout you select will adjust how your image is placed relative to the text you include. More information on these layout options can be found here.

4. Choose the theme and duration for your flyer. Flyers offers several different themes. Each theme offers a different look and feel, so you can pick the theme that matches the message of your flyer. Then click the "Save" button.

5. Make sure your new flyer is selected, then click “Add To Playlist”.


6. Review your playlist, then click "Done". This is your chance to change the order of your default content or set the schedule you want your scheduled content to follow.


7. From the Screens view, click "Publish" to send your updated playlist to your screens.

Best Practices

  • Flyers supports JPG, PNG, and GIF images.
  • Flyers will adapt its layout based on the size of your image and the amount of text included.
    • Portrait images (images that are taller than they are wide) will always be shown completely alongside the flyer text.
    • Landscape images up to a 16:9 ratio (that is, a resolution like 1920x1080) will be shown completely unless the flyer includes a large amount of text, in which case they'll be cropped to show the center of the image alongside the text.
    • Landscape images with a ratio greater than 16:9 will always be cropped to show the center of the image.
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